Staying Fit And Healthy At The Beach

Im absolutely thrilled to be the Mystery Host this week! Thank you for this lovely opportunity Julie!  Ive been following the Naptime Review (and watching this wonderful page grow) since the early days!

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While the new and improved Cave Princess was going live, my family took a three-day trip to the beach.  We made the spontaneous decision to head down to the Wilmington, NC area Thursday night, which left me with little time to prepare healthy meals for our long weekend.  How did I stay fit while at the beach with all of its sweet, salty and fatty temptations?


"The Morgan Family"

Beach Mode

  • As a rule, when we travel I try to ensure our rooms have a refrigerator.  Depending on the length of the drive I will either pack a cooler of healthy food options or I will scout out the local grocery stores and make a plan to visit them before getting too settled.  Our drive to the Wilmington area took only two hours, so I packed a small cooler of perishable items.

  •  I batch cook homemade protein bars, healthy muffins, etc. weekly, so I packed numerous containers of ready-made healthy breakfasts and snacks for our road trip/beach weekend.  I highly recommend batch cooking.  See my post Time Saving Suggestions for more ideas!

  • Whenever feasible, I prefer a room/suite with a kitchen.  No matter how clean you try to eat while dining out, you never know exactly what youre consuming, so your best bet is homemade cooking.  But,,,, lets get real,,,, I am not currently training for a specific goal, so I enjoyed dinners out each night, opting for healthier options:- Grilled chicken and spinach salads with no dressing
    – Broiled shrimp without the butter
    Substituting french fries for sauerkraut or steamed vegetables


  • Always remember this sign when you want something quickly.  Fruit is fast food.  Did my children enjoy ice cream cones?  Of course!  But, I always had raisins, grapes, bananas, apples etc. on hand.

Fruit is fast food.

  •  If I take an extended vacation I will actually budget (time and money) in a few trips to the gym, or I will design quick intense body weight exercies.  I felt my body needed a break from all of the intense training I have been doing the past month.  My right shoulder has been giving out on me during pushups, so I opted to allow my body some time to relax and heal.  (As a result, Im ready to hit it hard this week!!!)  You may not call chasing after these three relaxing, however!!!


  • Never forget the importance of long walks.  We took plenty of them.  According to research, combining days of intense interval training (metablic training-taking your heart to an anaerobic state followed by short rest intervals) with days of low intensity training (long, slow walks or relaxing yoga sessions) is the most effective means to fat loss through the manipulation of cortisol hormone levels in the body.