Ear Ache Home Remedy

My children are not chronic sufferers of ear infections, but they are not immune to getting them on average once or twice a year.  As a child, my ears were infected on a constant basis-to the point tubes had to placed in both ears.  My husband also dealt with numerous ear infections as little boy.  One might think our children would suffer the same fate, but fortunately they have avoided chronic infection despite years of swimming every day during the summer and part-time exposure to daycare/school germs since infancy.

I attribute this huge difference in ear health to the diet my children consume in comparison to what my husband and I ate as children.  They eat primarily fruits, meat, vegetables, eggs, nuts, nut butters, almond flour, coconut flour, quinoa etc.  I also allow grass-fed organic dairy, but substitute many recipes with coconut milk or almond milk.  Id never misrepresent my blog by inaccurate claims that I insist they strictly adhere to this diet on every occasion.  The Bs (Brenden, Brielle and Bridget) enjoy themselves at parties and neighborhood gatherings, I order them pizza once a week from a great little local joint (although I do order them gluten-free crust. mmmwwwhhhaaa), and their father no doubt sneaks them treats when Im not around to referee!

All this being said, , , , the Bs do occasionally complain of ear discomfort combined with low-grade fevers.  I have not given ANY of them antibiotics for these ear infections in over two years.  What is my secret for curing this common childhood ailment?

Yes,,,, that is an onion and an upcycled glass container.  .  .

My husband, Shane, is active duty military (for those of you new to my blog).  As a result, he works crazy hours when home, travels constantly and has deployed countless times over the years.  One evening while Shane was gone my son, Brenden, complained of an ear ache.  His twin baby sisters had already finished with their last nursing session and were sleeping peacefully.  I put Brenden to bed with the hope that he would sleep through the night, and I could take him to the clinic in the morning.

Poor thing, no more than three, joined me in bed around one in the morning with a fever and a bright red ear tender to the touch.  I knew there was no immediate danger to his health , but my child was hurting.  Taking three tiny children to the emergency room for a non-emergency was no option, so I turned to the internet to research home remedies for ear aches.  I simply hoped to discover a way to ease poor little Brendens pain.

What I discovered changed my whole outlook on natural remedies.  Let me be clear, I would NEVER suggest a doctors opinion is invalid, I believe in the value of certain medications and I trust our medical care in many circumstances, but I believe there is room for holistic practices as well!

Scouring through various sites I found a blurb in response to a question based on the same symptoms my son was experiencing.  A woman had posted an old home remedy from her grandmother using half an onion and a glass jar.  Two items I had on hand.  The thread following this response was filled with positive feedback from others claiming success with similar methods.

I can proudly add to those success stories! Following the super easy method listed below, Brenden finally fell back to sleep and woke up fever free with no ear pain.  Since then, I have tried the ONION METHOD with all three children prior to taking them into the Pediatrician.  The only time any of them have been on antibiotics since discovering the ONION METHOD was when little Brielle caught a nasty case of walking pneumonia.


  • Slice an onion in half (I have used white, yellow and purple.)
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour (I have tried the microwave as well.  Both seem to work, but I prefer to avoid the microwave in most circumstances.)
  • Slice onion and quickly place in a glass jar with an opening wide enough to cover an ear.
  • Place glass jar over infected ear, allowing the soothing steam, and antibacterial properties of the onion to do their amazing work for 15-20 minutes.
  • If your child allows, massage the back of the ear in a downward motion, stimulating the draining of the ear.
  • Encourage sleep.  Like any other method it will take a few hours for the effects to be felt.

This method has truly worked on all three of my children, and their hearing is perfect (all three just got tested at the Pediatrician prior to beginning school).  I am not a doctor and would never suggest my opinions should be considered over a qualified physician, but if youre looking for an alternative or to simply ease your childs suffering until youre able to take him/her to a clinic please consider the ONION METHOD.